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History of the use of crystals and stones
July 4, 2020

Who We Are?

We are a husband and wife team(Rob&Charlie) with a passion for all things spiritual especially crystals and stones. It all started when we went to buy our 1st lot of crystals and thought wow, these are expensive. I said to Charlie I’m sure we could do it cheaper, and try and make crystals readily available to everyone.
So crystal seeker’s was born. We try and source quality items at affordable prices for everyone to enjoy and feel the benefits of the crystals and stones energy and vibration.
As we stepped deeper into the realm of spiritualism we quickly realised it’s not just about crystals. There many other things that go hand in hand with it also. Such as meditation, chakra energy and so many more offshoots that will all be covered in further blogs.
Due to the new knowledge, we had gained, we quickly realised if we want to bring this to the people to enjoy and benefit from we need to sell more then just crystal. So we started with just crystals, we now sell anything and everything to do with peoples spiritual needs i.e incense, dreamcatchers, tarot cards, pendulums the list goes on and continues to grow as I type.
It’s because of all the above was born.

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